Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Spring and Update!

Okay, so it's been months since my last post...I am bad! Between moving across the country (CA to TX), being pregnant and the holidays, I let the blog slide.

So, the health news I alluded to in a previous post was my pregnancy. I found out in September that I was pregnant and was thrilled, but cautious as well. I had miscarried three times before, twice after my first daughter and once after my second daughter. At about six weeks, I started bleeding and basically assumed the worst. After all, I had been through all this before. I went to the doctor and had to wait another week for an ultrasound since it was still so early in the pregnancy. That week was agonizingly long! Finally we went in for the ultrasound and the tech was able to confirm that there was an empty pregnancy sac so I had more than likely miscarried. However, right next to the empty black sac was another one with a heartbeat! I had been pregnant with twins and miscarried one, but not the other. Twins do run in my family and the same thing happened to my older sister several years ago, so this wasn't a huge surprise to me. I was so excited to still be pregnant!

Of course, once I was pregnant, it was time for my husband to get a job transfer. You see, that's how we roll in our family...last time we moved when I was 7-1/2 months along. At least this time I was a little earlier in my pregnancy at roughly three months. We were in limbo for about a month between Christmas vacation and not being moved into our new home yet, but it went by quickly and we finally got settled in. We found out in early February that we are having another girl, which is what I wanted. For some reason, people always assume you want whatever gender child you don't have, but I love my girls and am so excited to be having another!

So, these past couple weeks I have been busy trying to make fun things for this baby (we are still trying to finalize a name). I made a nursing cover for myself, a baby crib coin quilt from Verna charm squares using a tutorial from the Moda Bakeshop website and my next project is going to be a car seat canopy. I am getting big and uncomfortable, but I know that babies are MUCH easier to take care of in the womb than once they are born!

Verna Charm Baby Coin Quilt:

This was my first time trying out free motion quilting. I just did a basic stipple pattern. However, it was rather nerve-wracking having it be on something so special! I loved both the process and the final results, especially once it got washed. Who doesn't love a cuddly, crinkly quilt?!?

I also made a Toy Story flannel blankie for my 2-year-old. She is obsessed with Toy Story. Unfortunately, it's hard to find Toy Story items for girls, so I decided to make her one instead. Joann's didn't have any pink Toy Story fabric, so I had to go with blue and green.

She loves her Toy Story "gee":

Edited to add: I just entered my charm quilt into a contest. If you get a chance before Sunday night, May 1st to vote for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here is the link:
Mine is the last entry, entitled "Verna Charm Baby Coin Quilt." Thanks